How to Spot fake Nike Air Jordan XIV (14) Retro in 2023 (All Colorways)

How to Spot fake Nike Air Jordan XIV (14) Retro

Step Verification Authentic Feature
1 Factory Codes LN3 (China) or FT1 (Taiwan)
2 Style Number Matching on box and shoe tag
3 Jumpmen Count 14 Jumpmen (7 on each shoe)
4 Lace Tabs 2 on the tongue
5 Metallic Look Sparkle on shoe fingers
6 Sole Alignment Centered towards “23”
7 Back Webbing Distinct on rubber back panel
8 Stitching Flawless quality
9 Ankle Height Inside higher, outside curved
10 Tongue Profile Substantially above the shoe

In 1984, Nike Air Jordan’s iconic journey began, tailored for the legendary Michael Jordan. Fast forward to 2001, and these sneakers hit the mainstream market, instantly becoming a symbol of style and athleticism. However, with great fame comes the inevitable surge in counterfeit products.

Ensuring Authenticity: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Decoding Factory Origins

Begin by inspecting the factory codes stamped on the tag. Authenticity lies in the codes LN3 (China) or FT1 (Taiwan). Confirm the country on the box matches the shoe’s origin.

Pro Tip: Verify the style number, a 9-digit code, matching on both the box and the shoe tag.

Step 2: Counting Jumpmen

A true pair boasts 14 iconic Jumpmen logos, distributed strategically on both shoes. Check for their presence on the insole, side, front, bottom, and shoelaces.

Did You Know? The absence of any Jumpman could signal a fake.

Step 3: Double Tabs, Double Assurance

Authentic Jordan XIVs feature two lace tabs on the tongue. Beware of imitations with only one, a common red flag.

Pro Insight: Compare with images of genuine pairs for clarity.

Step 4: The Sparkle Test

Examine the fingers on the shoe’s side; authentic pairs exhibit a metallic sparkle. Fakes often fall short, offering a plain, solid color.

Example: Imagine the difference between a dazzling night sky and a monotonous canvas.

Step 5: Sole Alignment Matters

Inspect the back of the shoe, focusing on sole alignment. A genuine pair positions the sole centrally, rising toward the iconic “23.”

Fun Fact: Misalignment is akin to a compass pointing in the wrong direction.

Step 6: Unveiling the Webbing

Check for the distinctive “webbing” on the rubber back panel. Authentic versions boast a clear pattern, while counterfeits may appear flat or less defined.

Spot the Difference: Picture a spider’s intricate web compared to a hasty sketch.

Step 7: Stitching Standards

Examine the stitching meticulously; authentic pairs flaunt flawless craftsmanship. Any visible flaws, as in counterfeit shoes, suggest a lack of quality control.

Illustration: Think of comparing a finely tailored suit to a mass-produced imitation.

Step 8: Ankle Aesthetics

Evaluate the height of the sides around the ankles. Authentic Jordan XIVs have the inside higher than the outside, creating a distinctive curved profile.

Analogous Scenario: Consider the elegance of a well-designed architectural structure.

Step 9: Tongue Triumph

A genuine pair showcases a tongue substantially above the rest of the shoe. Counterfeits often fall short in achieving this characteristic height.

Imagine: Picture a mountain rising proudly among hills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are there specific signs of poor quality in fake Jordan XIVs? A: Yes, flawed stitching, missing Jumpmen, and inconsistent webbing are common indicators.

Q2: Can counterfeit shoes replicate the metallic sparkle of authentic Jordans? A: Counterfeits struggle to achieve the distinctive metallic look found in genuine pairs.

Q3: Why is the tongue height crucial in determining authenticity? A: Authentic Jordan XIVs have a distinctive tongue height, standing substantially above the shoe.

Q4: Do all authentic pairs have the same factory codes? A: No, but genuine pairs will have either LN3 (China) or FT1 (Taiwan) stamped on the tag.

Q5: Are there reliable online resources for comparing authentic and fake Jordan XIVs? A: Yes, websites like Nike’s official platform and reputable sneaker forums provide valuable insights and images for reference.

In conclusion, the journey to authenticating Nike Air Jordan XIV (14) Retro sneakers is both an art and a science. By mastering these steps, you empower yourself to confidently navigate the market, ensuring that your prized Jordans are indeed the real deal.

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