How to detect fake Social Security Cards | 3 Ways To Detect a Fake Social Security Card

fake Social Security Cards

  Steps Valid Social Security Numbers Invalid Social Security Numbers Step 1 987-65-4320 to 987-65-4329 002-28-1852, 078-05-1120, 128-03-6045… Step 2 123-xx-xxxx, xxx-45-xxxx, xxx-xx-6789 0000-xx-xxxx, 666-xx-xxxx, 650-xx-xxxx… Step 3 Clear printing with no smudges Any inconsistencies or smudges In the ever-evolving landscape of identity theft, the need for a robust defense against fraudulent activities is paramount. … Read more

How to detect fake College Degrees & Diplomas | 5 ways to check diplomas and certificate authentication

College Degrees & Diplomas

How to detect fake College Degrees & Diplomas Step Description 1 Verify the college name by searching the internet; ensure the address matches the one on the document 2 Check for an embossed seal; fake diplomas may lack a seal or feature a deceptive one 3 Inspect signatures for authenticity; genuine signatures have slight indents … Read more