How to Spot fake Nike Air Jordan XIII (13) Retro in 2023 (All Colorways)

How to Spot fake Nike Air Jordan XIII (13) Retro

StepAspect to CheckGenuineFake
1Factory Codes on Tag and BoxLN3 (China) or FT1 (Taiwan)Inconsistencies in codes and manufacturing country
2Style Number MatchingBox and shoe tagMismatched style numbers
3Hologram Bubble on the SideMulti-layered, 3D, greenish tintFlat, orange-tinted hologram
4Bottom BubbleJumpman inside the bubblePainted on or decaled appearance
5Leather around Hologram BubbleRounded and uniformFlat spot, irregular shape
6Back of the Shoe Fabric ShapeReal: Slim, Fake: WiderQuality issues, flannel-like fabric
7Fabric QualityConsistent and high-qualityBulging, flannel-like fabric
8Carbon Fiber on the BottomWaffle-shaped with dotsSolid plastic pieces with dashes

How to Authenticate Your Nike Air Jordan XIII (13) Retro Shoes

When it comes to iconic sneakers, Nike Air Jordan XIII (13) Retro holds a special place. Since its release to the public in 2001, these shoes have taken the world by storm. However, with great popularity comes great responsibility – the responsibility to discern between authentic and counterfeit.

Step 1: Factory Codes Matter

To kick things off, inspect the factory codes on both the tag and the box. Authentic pairs bear the codes LN3 (China) or FT1 (Taiwan). Consistency is key, so ensure the manufacturing country matches on both tag and box.

Step 2: Style Harmony

Moving forward, check if the style number on the box aligns seamlessly with the one on the shoe tag. Mismatched style numbers are a clear indicator of foul play.

Step 3: Hologram Hurdle

Now, turn your attention to the hologram bubble on the side of the shoe. Authentic versions showcase a multi-layered, 3D, greenish-tinted bubble, featuring the iconic “23” and Jumpman. If it appears flat and sports an orange hue, you may be dealing with a counterfeit.

Step 4: Bottom Bubble Blues

The bubble on the bottom of the shoe can also be revealing. Ignore the color and focus on the placement of the Jumpman. If it seems painted on, your shoes might be inauthentic.

Step 5: Leather Lies

Moving on, scrutinize the leather around the hologram bubble. Genuine pairs boast rounded and uniform leather, while fake ones often display irregularities and flat spots.

Step 6: Shape Matters

Take a glance at the back of the shoe, paying attention to the shape of the fabric where the inner shoe wraps around. Authentic pairs feature a slim profile, whereas counterfeits tend to be wider with potential quality issues.

Step 7: Fabric Feel

For an extra layer of verification, feel the fabric. Genuine shoes maintain consistency and high-quality, while fakes may exhibit bulging and a flannel-like texture.

Step 8: Carbon Fiber Confirmation

Finally, turn your eyes to the carbon fiber on the bottom of the shoe. Authentic versions present a waffle-shaped pattern with dots, while counterfeits often showcase solid plastic pieces with dashes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Q: Are there specific color variations for the bubbles on genuine Nike Air Jordan XIII (13) Retro shoes?

    • A: Yes, different colorways have different color bubbles, but the key is to focus on the Jumpman’s placement and authenticity.
  2. Q: Can I rely solely on the hologram bubble to authenticate the shoes?

    • A: While the hologram is crucial, it’s recommended to follow all the provided steps for a comprehensive assessment.
  3. Q: Are there other models or years particularly prone to counterfeiting?

    • A: Counterfeiters target popular models, so it’s essential to stay vigilant regardless of the model or release year.
  4. Q: Are there online resources for further assistance in identifying authentic Nike Air Jordan XIII (13) Retro shoes?

    • A: Yes, reputable sneaker forums and authentication guides can provide valuable insights and community support.
  5. Q: What should I do if I suspect I have purchased fake Nike Air Jordan XIII (13) Retro shoes?

    • A: Contact the retailer or platform where you made the purchase and share your concerns. Additionally, consider seeking authentication from experts or forums.

Armed with these insights, you can confidently navigate the sea of sneakers and ensure your Nike Air Jordan XIII (13) Retro shoes are the real deal. Happy authenticating!

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