How to Detect Real vs Fake Diamond Chain with Screenshots

Real vs Fake Diamond Chain

Are you interested in learning more about the distinctions that exist between a chain made of real diamonds and one made of cubic zirconia? We invite you to join us as we analyze a comparison in order to bring to light the differences between these two categories of jewelry.

Firstly, an Introduction to the Components

Chaucer’s Jewelers is the source of the micro prayer hand pendant that can be found on the right. This pendant is made of nine-carat white gold and features diamonds of SI quality that are set in a chain. A sterling silver prayer hand necklace with cubic zirconia stones is displayed on the left. The necklace is plated in sterling silver.

2.Acquiring Knowledge of the Materials Acquiring Knowledge of the Materials


Become familiar with the components that were used to create each piece, from the purity of the gold to the composition of the silver plating. Learn about the various quality differences and how they impact the prices of the products.

Comparing Cubic Zirconia to Diamonds in the Third Place

Comparing Cubic Zirconia to Diamonds in the Third Place

Investigate the differences between real diamonds and cubic zirconia, including the processes that are used to create each and the similarities that can be seen between the two. Recognize the reasons behind the common use of the term “fake” diamonds to refer to cubic zirconia. 

4.Evaluating the Quality of the Diamond Evaluating the Quality of the Diamond


Gain an understanding of the different clarity grades of diamonds, which range from I2 to IF. Find out why the price of a diamond varies depending on its quality and how the cut and size of the diamond affect the visibility of flaws.

5.Analysis of the Purity of Gold Analysis of the Purity of Gold


Learn about the different carats of gold and the different levels of purity, such as the difference between pure 24-carat gold and nine-carat white gold. Investigate the characteristics that serve as indicators of authenticity.

Evaluation of Chain Composition

Evaluation of Chain Composition

Consider the different types of chains, such as those made of nine-carat white gold and those made of sterling silver plating. Get familiar with the ways in which materials affect durability and longevity.

7. While Observing in a Variety of Lighting Conditions

While Observing in a Variety of Lighting Conditions

It is important to observe the chains in a variety of lighting conditions in order to evaluate their aesthetic appeal and quality. Acquire an understanding of the ways in which lighting influences the way jewelry is perceived.

8. Concluding remarks:

Consider the comparison between the two chains, taking into account the differences in terms of quality, appearance, and cost. It is important to be aware that both choices have advantages, depending on the individual’s preferences and the available funds.

By reading through this comparison guide, you will acquire a more in-depth comprehension of the complexities involved in distinguishing between genuine diamond chains and imitations made of cubic zirconia. When it comes to purchasing jewelry, this journey will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to make well-informed decisions, regardless of whether you are a jewelry enthusiast or a curious observer.

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