How to detect fake Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge

How to detect fake Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge

StepFeature to CheckGenuine S6Fake S6
1Boot Up Time~10 seconds30 seconds or more
2Back of the Phone“Galaxy S6” at the bottomMay lack “Galaxy S6”
3Flash LensSquare with chrome frameYellow circle
4Camera LensWider than the fakeSmaller than the genuine
5Sim Card TrayHole on top near the buttonPlacement may differ
6Gray SeparatorAbsent on genuine S6Present on both sides of the button
7Wall Adapter Output9-volt output on genuine S65-volt output on many fakes
8Android Version“Lollipop” on genuine S6May show different version
9Fingerprint RecognitionAccepts fingerprint on genuine S6Absent or doesn’t work on fakes
10Double Tap Home ButtonOpens camera on genuine S6May not work on fake S6
11Download Mode VerificationGenuine screen on the rightChinese letters on fake S6

Unveiling the Authenticity of Your Samsung Galaxy S6

Greetings, tech enthusiasts! If you’re a proud owner or planning to purchase the iconic Samsung Galaxy S6, it’s crucial to distinguish the genuine masterpiece from the myriad of imitations flooding the market. We’re not diving deep into technical jargon; instead, let’s walk through some straightforward steps to ensure you’re not stuck with a subpar replica.

1. Boot Up Time: The Genuine Sprinter

Turn on your S6 and time it. A genuine S6 boasts an impressive boot-up speed of around 10 seconds. Beware of sluggish imitations that take a leisurely 30 seconds or more to get going.

2. Back of the Phone: A Subtle Detail Matters

Flip your phone and observe the back. The authentic “Galaxy S6” inscription should be gracefully positioned towards the bottom. Fakes often neglect this detail or clumsily misplace it.

Example: Imagine finding a Rolex watch without its iconic crown – a subtle but telling difference.

3. Flash Lens: A Square Affair

Inspect the flash lens. A genuine S6 features a square lens with a sleek chrome frame, while knock-offs may settle for a mundane yellow circle. It’s all in the details.

Example: Like identifying genuine leather from synthetic by the subtle texture.

4. Camera Lens: Wideness Defines Authenticity

Now, focus on the camera lens. The genuine S6 lens is notably wider than its counterfeit counterparts. Don’t be fooled by a narrower perspective.

Example: Just as a wide-angle lens captures more of the scene, the genuine S6 lens captures more detail.

5. Sim Card Tray: Top Placement Triumphs

Examine the sim card tray. On the authentic S6, the hole should be strategically placed on top, near the button. Any deviation from this may indicate a fake.

Example: Like noticing a misplaced comma in a well-crafted sentence.

6. Gray Separator: A Genuine Unison

Look at the middle/side of the phone. The genuine S6 boasts no gray separator on either side of the button. Consistency is key.

Example: A symphony where each instrument plays in perfect harmony.

7. Wall Adapter Output: Power Matters

Check the wall adapter. A genuine S6 delivers a powerful 9-volt output. In contrast, many imitations settle for a feeble 5-volt output. Power disparities reveal authenticity.

Example: Comparing a high-performance car to one struggling on low-grade fuel.

8. Android Version: The Sweet Taste of Lollipop

Navigate to Settings, About Phone, and Android Version. A real S6 proudly displays “Lollipop.” Any other version is a red flag for fakery.

Example: Spotting an original vinyl record in a sea of digital copies.

9. Fingerprint Recognition: A Biometric Handshake

Head to Settings, Security, Screen Lock, and Fingerprint. A genuine S6 lets you gracefully accept your fingerprint with a single press. If it’s absent or finicky, it’s likely a fake.

Example: Like a VIP entrance requiring a seamless fingerprint scan.

10. Double Tap Home Button: The Shortcut Test

Give your home button a double tap. A genuine S6 smoothly opens the camera. If it fails, you might have a counterfeit device in your hands.

Example: Similar to expecting your car’s key fob to unlock without a hitch.

11. Download Mode Verification: Chinese Characters Spell Trouble

Enter download mode by pressing “volume down,” “center home,” and “power” buttons simultaneously. If you’re greeted with Chinese letters, it’s a sure sign of a fake.

Example: Navigating through a menu in a language you don’t understand – a clear indicator of deception.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can a fake Samsung Galaxy S6 have similar features to the genuine one?

While some imitations may mimic certain features, the attention to detail and overall performance usually differ significantly. It’s crucial to inspect multiple aspects to ensure authenticity.

2. Are there specific brands or regions more prone to selling fake Samsung Galaxy S6 devices?

Counterfeit devices can emerge from various sources globally. However, caution is advised when purchasing from unauthorized sellers or dubious online platforms.

3. What if my S6 fails one of the authenticity checks?

If any of the checks raise concerns, consider reaching out to Samsung’s official support or your place of purchase for further assistance. They can help verify the device’s authenticity.

4. Are there any software tools to verify the authenticity of a Samsung Galaxy S6?

Samsung provides official software tools to check the authenticity of their devices. Utilize these tools, or consult with their customer support for guidance.

5. How can I report the sale of counterfeit Samsung Galaxy S6 devices?

If you encounter counterfeit products, report the incident to the relevant consumer protection authorities or Samsung’s anti-counterfeiting division. Your actions contribute to maintaining a trustworthy market.

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