How to detect fake Apple iPhone 6 & 6s | Fake iPhone 6S- How To Identify?

How to detect fake Apple iPhone 6 & 6s

Steps Checks
1 Apple logo on the back
2 Box details and embossing
3 Specs layout on the box
4 Lettering on the back
5 Camera profile on the back
6 Power button click
7 Lock screen animation
8 Charge percentage display
9 Keyboard details
10 Charge port appearance
11 iTunes connectivity
12 Serial number verification

How to detect fake Apple iPhone 6 & 6s: So, you’ve got your eyes set on that sleek iPhone 6 or 6s, but the market is flooded with counterfeits. How do you make sure the one you’re eyeing—or already have—is the real deal? Let’s embark on a journey through subtle yet telling details that separate the genuine Apple iPhones from the impostors.

1. Apple Logo Authenticity:

Begin with the basics – check the back of the phone for the Apple logo. A genuine iPhone will have a logo nearly flush with the surface. Counterfeits often betray themselves with a recessed and overly reflective logo.

2. Box Details Matter:

If you have the box, scrutinize it closely. Genuine iPhone boxes lack a phone picture on top. Look for a raised, embossed phone outline—authenticity is in the details.

3. Box Specs Layout:

Examine the specs on the bottom of the box. Authentic layouts have precise spacing. Be cautious if the spacing appears inconsistent, as seen on many fake counterparts.

4. Lettering on the Back:

Turn your attention to the back of the phone. Fake iPhones often display lettering higher than authentic ones. Attention to this detail can reveal a lot about the phone’s authenticity.

5. Camera Profile:

Compare the height of the camera on the back. Genuine iPhones have a distinct profile, while fakes often have a smaller, less pronounced design.

6. Power Button Test:

Give the power button a press. A genuine iPhone should respond with a distinct click. Fakes may lack this tactile feedback, indicating a potential counterfeit.

7. Lock Screen Animation:

Authentic iPhones boast an animated “slide to unlock” feature on the lock screen. Be wary if the animation is absent or inconsistent—many counterfeits fall short in replicating this detail.

8. Charge Percentage Display:

Check the charge percentage display. Genuine iPhones showcase a white display, whereas counterfeits may opt for colors like blue. Any departure from white could signal a fake.

9. Keyboard Details:

Inspect the keyboard, particularly the space bar. A genuine iPhone should have “Space” written on it, while fakes may include unnecessary elements like an extra comma button.

10. Charge Port Appearance:

Counterfeit iPhones might have a plastic border around the charge port. Ensure it matches the clean, seamless design of a real iPhone.

11. iTunes Connectivity:

Connect your phone to iTunes. If it doesn’t show up or prompts an error, be cautious—it could be a sign that iTunes doesn’t recognize your device, indicating a fake.

12. Serial Number Verification:

Lastly, verify the serial number with Apple. Navigate to “Settings,” then “General,” and finally “About” on your iPhone. Enter the serial number on the Apple website to confirm its authenticity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: What is the significance of the embossed phone outline on the box?

A: The embossed outline is a distinctive feature on genuine iPhone boxes, emphasizing attention to detail in Apple’s packaging.

Q2: Why does the lock screen animation matter?

A: The animated “slide to unlock” feature is a hallmark of authentic iPhones, setting them apart from many counterfeits that lack this dynamic element.

Q3: Can a fake iPhone still display the white charge percentage?

A: Yes, some fakes may replicate this detail, but it’s crucial to consider it in conjunction with other checks for a comprehensive evaluation.

Q4: What should I do if iTunes doesn’t recognize my iPhone?

A: If iTunes fails to recognize your device, it’s a red flag indicating a potential counterfeit. Exercise caution and consider seeking professional advice.

Q5: Is the serial number verification on the Apple website foolproof?

A: While not foolproof, verifying the serial number on the Apple website adds an extra layer of assurance in confirming your iPhone’s authenticity.


In the world of smartphones, ensuring the authenticity of your iPhone is paramount. By paying attention to these subtle yet crucial details, you can confidently navigate the market, secure in the knowledge that your iPhone is indeed the genuine article.

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