How to detect fake Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 | Real VS Fake Yeezy 750 Boost UPDATED

How to detect fake Adidas Yeezy Boost 750

StepAspect to CheckAuthenticFake
1Overall QualityUniform, high-quality materialAlignment issues, material separation
2Toe Box Holes5 holes in the first rowFakes may have only 4 holes
3Side StitchingUniform and straight stitchingPoor stitching quality on fakes
4Strap Velcro StitchingHigh-quality stitching, no pullsPoor quality stitching on fake straps
5Inner Strap GapSmall gap between velcro and reinforcementIrregular gaps on fake examples
6Upper Seam on the BackStraight seamSharp angle on fake seams
7Standing FormStraight and holds formFakes appear wilted and collapse inward
8Insoles OrientationLeft and right face opposite directionsInconsistent orientation on fakes
9Dust Bag StitchingTwo rows of stitching at the topFakes may have only one row

Unveiling the Details

So, you’ve got your hands on a pair of Adidas Yeezy Boost 750, but the market is flooded with replicas. How do you make sure your kicks are the real deal? Let’s break it down in a way that anyone can understand, no fancy terminology involved.

1. Overall Quality Check

The first litmus test is the overall quality. Take a good look at your Yeezys. Any alignment issues, material separation, or substandard quality should set off alarm bells. Authenticity screams perfection.

Pro Tip: Run your fingers over the material, feel the quality – authenticity has a touch of excellence.

2. Count the Holes Near the Toe Box

Let’s focus on the details. The first row of holes near the toe box should have five. Count them. If there are only four, sorry to break it to you, but you might be holding a replica.

Real Talk: Imagine you’re counting the stars, but in this case, each hole matters.

3. Inspect the Stitching on the Side

Stitching tells a tale. On authentic Yeezys, it’s uniform and straight. Flip them over, inspect the sides. If the stitching quality is reminiscent of a DIY project gone wrong, they might not be the real deal.

Visualize this: You’re inspecting the seams like a detective solving a mystery.

4. Velcro Matters

Now, let’s talk straps. Authentic Yeezys boast high-quality stitching on the strap velcro. No loose threads or stitching pulls. If it looks like it’s been put together in a rush, well, you know the answer.

Think of it as inspecting the seams of your favorite jacket – precision matters.

5. Inner Strap Gap – The Devil’s in the Details

Check the inner strap. There should be a small gap between the velcro and the reinforcement pieces. Don’t overlook this tiny detail; it could be the key to unraveling the authenticity mystery.

Picture this: You’re leaving room for authenticity to breathe, just like your shoes should.

6. The Back Seam – A Straight Story

Move your gaze to the upper seam on the back of the shoe. On real Yeezys, it goes straight up. If it looks like it’s taking a detour, it might be leading you away from authenticity.

Imagine the seam as a highway. The real one takes you straight to authenticity.

7. Stand Tall, Stand Proud

Your Yeezys should stand on their own, literally. Authentic ones stand straight and hold their form. Replicas might look like they’ve had a rough day and are about to collapse. Not the look you’re going for.

Picture this: Your shoes standing tall, proud, and not slouching like a tired office worker.

8. Insole Orientation

Turn them upside down and inspect the insoles. Left and right should face opposite directions. If they look like they’re heading in the same direction, it’s a red flag.

It’s like a dance – left foot, right foot, opposite directions.

9. Dust Bag Stitching – The Final Check

If your Yeezys come with a dust bag, inspect the stitching. Authentic ones have two rows towards the top. If it’s a single row, it might be time to question their legitimacy.

Think of it as the last page of a book – the ending should be just as good as the beginning.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: Are there fake Yeezy Boost 750s that look identical to the authentic ones? A1: While some replicas can be quite convincing, a keen eye for details can often expose the differences mentioned in our guide.

Q2: Can I rely solely on the brand name and store reputation to ensure authenticity? A2: Not always. Even reputable stores can unintentionally carry replicas. It’s essential to know the specific details to make an informed decision.

Q3: Do all authentic Yeezys come with a dust bag? A3: Not necessarily. While many do, the absence of a dust bag doesn’t necessarily indicate a fake pair.

Q4: How can I avoid buying fake Yeezys online? A4: Stick to reputable sellers, double-check details, and if possible, request additional pictures of the shoes before making a purchase.

Q5: Can the number of holes near the toe box vary in authentic Yeezys? A5: No, authentic Yeezys consistently have five holes in the first row near the toe box.

In conclusion, the key to identifying fake Yeezy Boost 750s lies in the details. Don’t be swayed by appearances; scrutinize every stitch and seam. Your Yeezys should not only look good but tell a tale of authenticity with every step you take.

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