How to detect fake Nike Air Max 2014 | Step by Step with Images

How to detect fake Nike Air Max 2014

Step Detail
1 Check overall quality
2 Examine the Nike chip on the sole
3 Assess the alignment of the swoosh
4 Observe the top of the Nike swoosh
5 Inspect the shoe box

When it comes to the Nike Air Max 2014, the market is flooded with imitations that closely mimic the authentic product. To ensure you’re getting the real deal, we’ve outlined key steps to help you distinguish between genuine Nike Air Max 2014 shoes and their counterfeit counterparts.

1. Overall Quality Check:

The first telltale sign of authenticity lies in the overall quality of the shoes. Genuine Nike Air Max 2014 exhibits impeccable glue work, precise alignment, and high-quality stitching. If you spot any irregularities in these aspects, it’s likely that the shoes are fake.

Pro Tip: If you’re making an online purchase and the price is under $100.00, exercise caution and lean towards the assumption that they might be fake. Authenticity often comes at a price.

2. Nike Chip on the Sole:

Take a closer look at the Nike chip on the sole of the shoes. Authentic 2014 Air Max shoes should not feature the “+”. Many counterfeit versions incorporate this detail, so if you spot it, you’re dealing with a fake pair.

Example: Just like spotting a forged signature, identifying the misplaced Nike chip is crucial in separating the genuine from the imitation.

3. Nike Swoosh Alignment:

Analyze the alignment of the Nike swoosh, focusing on the circles below the mesh. Genuine Nike Air Max 2014 shoes should display three circles beneath the mesh with a minimal gap between the third circle and the swoosh. The fourth circle should be partially covered by the opposite side. In contrast, fake versions often exhibit noticeable gaps and coverage discrepancies.

Illustration: Imagine the circles as checkpoints on a race track – the closer, the better.

4. Top of the Nike Swoosh:

Take note of where the Nike swoosh terminates at the top. It should stop at approximately 75% through the material band. Deviations from this standard could indicate a counterfeit pair.

Comparison: Picture the swoosh as a flag on a flagpole; its position matters.

5. Shoe Box Inspection:

Even the shoe box can reveal the authenticity of your Nike Air Max 2014. Authentic Nike boxes lack a sticker on the inside of the lid. Counterfeit versions, for some inexplicable reason, often include this addition.

Insight: Authenticity is in the details, even down to the packaging.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: Are all Nike Air Max shoes priced under $100 fake? A: While not a definitive rule, it’s advisable to exercise caution with unusually low-priced pairs.

Q2: Can counterfeit Nike Air Max shoes have a convincing overall quality? A: Counterfeiters are getting better, but irregularities in glue, alignment, and stitching are still common giveaways.

Q3: Why is the presence of the “+” on the Nike chip a sign of a fake pair? A: The authentic 2014 Air Max chip does not include the “+”; its presence indicates a counterfeit.

Q4: Is the alignment of the Nike swoosh circles crucial? A: Yes, the proper alignment of the circles below the swoosh is a key authenticity marker.

Q5: Do all authentic Nike Air Max boxes lack a sticker on the inside of the lid? A: Yes, genuine Nike boxes do not feature a sticker on the inside of the lid.

In conclusion, being a savvy buyer involves attention to detail. By carefully examining overall quality, specific design elements, and even the shoe box, you can confidently distinguish between genuine Nike Air Max 2014 shoes and their counterfeit counterparts. Remember, authenticity is not just a feature; it’s a commitment to quality.

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