How to detect fake Nintendo Switch Docks | Know in 4 Easy Steps

How to detect fake Nintendo Switch Docks

Spotting Genuine Nintendo Switch Docks

Step Description Authentic Indicator
1 Examine overall quality Signs of inferior quality or alignment issues
2 Check “NYCE” emboss quality Clear space between arrows (Real) vs. nearly no space (Fake)
3 Inspect triangle-shaped emboss Circle and triangle nearly separated (Real) vs. larger merging (Fake)
4 Open up and check circuit board Authentic: Dark green board; Fake: Bright green board

 Nintendo Switch Docks Unveiled

How to detect fake Nintendo Switch Docks: Ahoy, fellow gamers! The Nintendo Switch, that versatile marvel in the gaming world, has conquered our hearts since its launch on March 3, 2017. But with great popularity comes a shadowy nemesis – counterfeit Switch docks and accessories. Fear not, for in this guide, we unravel the secrets to distinguishing the genuine from the impostor. Let’s embark on a journey of authenticity as we delve into the nuances of Nintendo Switch docks.

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1. Quality Check: The First Line of Defense

As guardians of your gaming setup, Nintendo Switch docks should exhibit impeccable quality. Run your discerning eyes over the surface, inspect for any signs of inferior craftsmanship, or alignment issues. If something seems amiss, consider it a red flag signaling a potential fake trying to infiltrate your gaming sanctuary.

Example: Picture yourself discovering a dock with misaligned components, prompting immediate suspicion.

2. “NYCE” Emboss: The Arrow Alignment Telltale

Turn your attention to the “NYCE” emboss on the dock’s surface. On the authentic version, observe a clear space between the arrows, ensuring a precise and defined presentation. In contrast, counterfeit docks often betray their identity with arrows almost merging together. This subtle detail can be your guiding light in the quest for authenticity.

Example: Imagine a gamer, Sam, noticing the almost seamless arrows on a suspicious dock, raising doubts about its authenticity.

3. Triangle-Shaped Emboss: The Circle and Triangle Conundrum

Inspect the triangle-shaped emboss, a distinctive feature on the dock. Authenticity reveals itself in the slight separation between the circle and triangle. In the realm of fakes, this gap widens considerably, making the merging more apparent. A keen eye on this subtle detail can unmask the counterfeit and uphold the integrity of your gaming experience.

Example: Emily, a vigilant Switch enthusiast, identifies the larger merging on a suspicious dock, prompting her to question its authenticity.

4. Circuit Board Revelation: A Glimpse Inside

For the ultimate confirmation, brace yourself to open up the dock and venture into its circuitry. Authentic Nintendo Switch docks boast a dark green circuit board, a testament to their genuine nature. Counterfeit versions, however, betray themselves with a bright green hue. This step, though more invasive, provides an unequivocal answer to the authenticity puzzle.

Example: Jack, a curious gamer, delves into the circuitry to find a bright green board, confirming his suspicions about the dock’s counterfeit nature.

Guarding Your Gaming Realm

As you navigate the gaming seas, let this guide be your compass in safeguarding your Nintendo Switch experience. By scrutinizing overall quality, examining embossed details, and even peering into the circuitry, you fortify your defenses against counterfeit docks. May your gaming adventures be authentic and free from imitations! Happy gaming!

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