How to Spot fake Ticketmaster Event Tickets? How do you check if my Ticketmaster tickets are real?

How to Spot fake Ticketmaster Event Tickets

Ticketmaster, a prominent American ticket sales and distribution company headquartered in West Hollywood, California, has played a crucial role in shaping the live entertainment industry. Founded in 1976 by Albert Leffler, Peter Gadwa, Gordon Gunn, and Charles H Hamby Jr., Ticketmaster initially faced minimal threats from counterfeit tickets due to the limitations of consumer printers and copy machines.

Evolution of Ticket Printing Technology

In the early years, counterfeiting was challenging as the printing technology available to the average consumer was limited. However, recent technological advancements have equipped consumers with high-quality printers, posing a significant threat to the authenticity of tickets.

Rising Threat of Counterfeit Tickets

The surge in consumer-grade printing capabilities has given rise to the production of convincing fake tickets. To combat this, Ticketmaster enthusiasts need to be vigilant and aware of specific indicators that distinguish genuine tickets from counterfeits.

Spotting Fake Ticketmaster Tickets

Printing Quality and Spelling Errors

The first step in identifying fake tickets is to scrutinize the overall printing quality and check for spelling errors. Genuine Ticketmaster tickets are meticulously crafted, and any deviations in print quality or spelling could be red flags.

Website Link Verification

Verify the website link associated with the event, if applicable. Invalid characters in the domain name can indicate a fake ticket. Ensuring the legitimacy of the website is crucial for ticket validation.

Date of the Event

Ticketmaster uses a specific date format without commas. Counterfeit tickets often miss this detail, making it a key element to check when examining the authenticity of a ticket.

Event Time

Authentic Ticketmaster tickets should not have a space between the time and “PM.” Deviations in this format, as seen in fake tickets, can help identify potential counterfeits.

Fonts on the Ticket

Pay attention to the fonts used on the ticket, especially variations in letters like “S” and “M.” Differences in font can be indicative of a fake ticket.

Front and Back Printing

Genuine tickets are printed on both the front and back. If you have multiple tickets with consecutive seats, ensure the serial numbers on the back are in order.

Serial Number Verification

Check the serial number for consistency. For adjacent seats, the serial numbers should follow a logical sequence.

Paper Quality Test

While unconventional, a paper quality test can be informative. Genuine Ticketmaster tickets are printed on high-quality paper and react differently to heat than regular paper. A quick, careful application of heat can reveal the ticket’s authenticity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How common are counterfeit Ticketmaster tickets?

    • Counterfeiting is a growing concern, making it crucial for ticket buyers to be vigilant.
  2. Why is the date format important in identifying fake tickets?

    • Ticketmaster follows a specific date format without commas, and deviations can signal a potential counterfeit.
  3. What should I do if I suspect a ticket is fake?

    • Contact Ticketmaster customer support immediately and provide details about the suspected fake ticket.
  4. Is the paper quality test safe to perform?

    • The paper quality test should be conducted in a safe environment, and caution is advised. Perform it at your own risk.
  5. Can Ticketmaster tickets be verified online?

    • Yes, Ticketmaster provides online tools to verify the authenticity of tickets. Always cross-check when in doubt.
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