How to Spot fake Breitling Watches

How to Spot fake Breitling Watches

Overview Table:

Step Aspect to Check Authentic Breitling Fake Breitling
1 Box and Certificate Spellings and alignment perfect; high-quality printing Errors in spelling and alignment; lower print quality
2 Logo Distinct splines on the wing; anchor space Continuous splines; no space between anchor and wing
3 Second Hand and “B” Pointed anchor; distinct “B” Blunt anchor; indistinct “B”
4 Center Pin Color Both silver; same color Black pin on fakes
5 Second Hand Motion 8 steps per second; continuous motion 1-second steps; abrupt motion
6 Subdial Functions No calendar functions; correct subdial info Day and month functions on subdials; incorrect information
7 Anti-Glare Coating Bluish/purple light reflection Non-bl bluish/purple light reflection; potential fake
8 Fake Flaws Flat “B”; smaller date display; poor dial quality 3D “B”; larger date display; higher dial quality
9 Buckle Engraving Deeper engraving Shallower engraving on fakes


In the ever-expanding market of luxury watches, Breitling has maintained its position as a symbol of quality and craftsmanship since its establishment in 1884. However, the surge in replica Breitling watches poses a challenge for enthusiasts to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit timepieces. This guide aims to empower you with the knowledge needed to authenticate your Breitling watch effectively.

Steps to Authenticate Your Breitling Watch:

1. Box and Certificate Inspection:

Begin by scrutinizing the box and certificate of authenticity. Genuine Breitling packaging exhibits impeccable spelling and alignment, reflecting the brand’s commitment to quality. Any deviations in print quality or alignment could indicate a counterfeit.

2. Logo Analysis:

Examine the Breitling logo closely. Authentic logos feature distinct splines on the wing and a clear space between the anchor and wing tips. Counterfeit versions often lack these nuanced details.

Example: Think of the genuine logo as a unique fingerprint, each detail contributing to its authenticity.

3. Second Hand and “B” Examination:

For watches with a second hand featuring an anchor, ensure the anchor comes to a point. Additionally, observe the “B” near the anchor; genuine Breitling watches display a distinct “B” that almost reaches the stem, unlike counterfeit ones.

Example: Imagine the anchor as a sharp arrow pointing to the genuine craftsmanship of Breitling.

4. Center Pin Color Check:

Authentic Breitling watches maintain consistency in the color of the center pin holding the second hand, typically silver. Counterfeit versions may reveal a black pin, signaling potential forgery.

Example: Picture the silver pin as a hallmark of authenticity, ensuring your watch stands the test of scrutiny.

5. Second Hand Motion Observation:

Watch the motion of the second hand closely. Genuine Breitling watches move smoothly in 8 steps per second, creating a continuous motion. Counterfeits, on the other hand, often exhibit a jerky, 1-second step motion.

Example: Envision the smooth motion as a dance of authenticity, distinguishing the genuine from the impostors.

6. Subdial Functions Evaluation:

Inspect the subdials of your watch. Genuine Breitling watches do not feature day and month calendar functions on subdials. Counterfeit versions may incorrectly incorporate these functions.

Example: Consider the subdials as a canvas of precision, free from unnecessary complications.

7. Anti-Glare Coating Analysis:

Observe the anti-glare coating on the crystal. Genuine Breitling watches reflect bluish/purple light, while counterfeits may reveal a different hue. Discrepancies in light reflection can signal a potential fake.

Example: Picture the bluish/purple reflection as a beacon of authenticity, guiding you through the sea of replicas.

8. Identification of Fake Flaws:

Identify specific flaws commonly found in counterfeit Breitling watches, such as a flat “B,” a smaller date display, and poor dial quality. Genuine Breitling watches boast a 3D “B,” a larger date display, and superior dial craftsmanship.

Example: Think of these flaws as red flags waving in the wind, warning you of potential counterfeits.

9. Buckle Engraving Examination:

Conclude the authentication process by examining the buckle’s engraving. Authentic Breitling buckles showcase deeper engraving compared to the shallower engravings often found on counterfeit counterparts.

Example: Envision the engraving as a signature of authenticity, ensuring your watch is a genuine Breitling masterpiece.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. Q: Can a high-quality replica perfectly mimic the spelling and alignment of a genuine Breitling’s box and certificate?

    • A: While high-quality replicas can come close, genuine Breitling packaging maintains an unparalleled standard of perfection in spelling and alignment.
  2. Q: Are there specific details in the logo that counterfeiters often overlook?

    • A: Counterfeiters may miss the distinct splines on the wing and the proper spacing between the anchor and wing tips.
  3. Q: Why is the motion of the second hand crucial in authenticating a Breitling watch?

    • A: Genuine Breitling watches exhibit a smooth motion of 8 steps per second, providing a continuous and distinctive movement.
  4. Q: Do all Breitling watches have the same color for the center pin holding the second hand?

    • A: Yes, authentic Breitling watches typically feature a silver center pin, ensuring uniformity in craftsmanship.
  5. Q: How can the anti-glare coating on the crystal help in identifying a fake Breitling watch?

    • A: Genuine Breitling watches reflect bluish/purple light, and any deviation in the hue of light reflection may indicate a counterfeit.

In conclusion, arming yourself with the knowledge to authenticate your Breitling watch is crucial in navigating the market filled with replicas. By paying attention to these detailed steps, you can confidently ensure the authenticity of your prized timepiece.

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