How to detect fake Diamonds | How to tell if your diamond is real or fake

How to detect fake Diamonds

Step Test Type Authentic Diamonds Synthetic Diamonds
1 Visual Inspection Real diamonds have inclusions (flaws) visible under magnification. Look for scratches as real diamonds acquire them over time.  Synthetic diamonds may lack inclusions, and visible scars are a red flag.
2 Inclusion Examples Examples showcasing real diamond inclusions.  Synthetic diamonds like Cubic Zirconia have minimal or no inclusions.
3 Cubic Zirconia Alert Illustrations highlighting the inclusions in Cubic Zirconia.  Genuine diamonds are more durable and less likely to show scuff marks.
4 Fog Test Confirming authenticity by observing fog evaporation.  Moissanites may show doubling under magnification. Fast fog evaporation indicates a genuine diamond.
5 Breath Test A quick test: Real diamonds make fog evaporate in about 2 seconds.  Fake diamonds take longer, about 5 seconds or more.

How to detect fake Diamonds: the jewelry market can be a daunting task, especially with the influx of synthetic diamonds in recent years. Distinguishing between real and synthetic diamonds is crucial for making an informed purchase. In this guide, we’ll walk you through some simple yet effective steps to identify authentic diamonds. No need for high-tech equipment—just your eyes, a magnifying glass, and a few quick tests.

Identifying Real Diamonds: A Closer Look

Visual Inspection (Step 1)

Real diamonds exhibit flaws, known as inclusions, visible under magnification. Grab a jeweler’s loupe (x10) and observe the stone in front of the light. Authentic diamonds often acquire scratches over time, while other materials show wear faster.

Example: Imagine examining a diamond under the loupe and noticing tiny, unique inclusions, confirming its authenticity.

Inclusion Examples (Step 2)

Inclusions are the hallmark of real diamonds. Some have fewer, making them rarer and pricier. In contrast, synthetic diamonds like Cubic Zirconia tend to have minimal or no inclusions.

Example: Consider comparing two diamonds—one with noticeable inclusions (real) and another with few or none (Cubic Zirconia).

Cubic Zirconia Alert (Step 3)

Cubic Zirconia, a common synthetic alternative, lacks inclusions and may display wear or scuff marks. Genuine diamonds, being more durable, resist scratches.

Example: Picture a scenario where a scuffed stone raises suspicions, indicating potential synthetic origin.

Fog Test (Step 4)

The Fog Test involves breathing on the diamond. If it’s genuine, the fog evaporates in about 2 seconds. Moissanites may show doubling under magnification, while genuine diamonds don’t.

Example: Envision conducting the Fog Test, watching the fog vanish swiftly, confirming the authenticity of your diamond.

Breath Test (Step 5)

A quick, low-tech method involves breathing on the stone. Real diamonds, being efficient heat conductors, make the fog evaporate rapidly. Synthetic diamonds take longer.

Example: Picture the ease of the Breath Test—a swift confirmation of your diamond’s authenticity.


  1. Can a real diamond have no inclusions?

    • Yes, but diamonds with minimal or no inclusions are rare and come at a higher price.
  2. Do all synthetic diamonds lack inclusions?

    • While many do, some synthetics may exhibit minimal inclusions.
  3. Why is the Breath Test effective?

    • Real diamonds dissipate fog quickly due to their excellent heat conductivity.
  4. Can scratches alone confirm a real diamond?

    • No, scratches can occur in both real and synthetic diamonds. They are just one factor to consider.
  5. Are there other quick tests to identify synthetic diamonds?

    • While these are quick tests, for complete assurance, professional gemological testing is recommended.
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