How to detect fake Emerald Gemstones | How to Tell If An Emerald is Real

How to detect fake Emerald Gemstones

Step Type of Emerald Key Identifiers
1 Natural Emeralds Visible inclusions: crystals, fractures, needles, fingerprints, growth tubes, liquid inclusions, two or three-phase inclusions
2 Hydrothermal Emeralds Virtually flawless appearance
3 Flux-melt Emeralds Harder to identify; look for tiny flaws, irregular patterns, and perform the “Breath Test”
4 Quick Test The “Breath Test” – an efficient heat conductor, real emeralds evaporate fog quickly

How to detect fake Emerald Gemstones: Welcome to the world of Emerald Gemstones, where authenticity is as precious as the gems themselves. In this guide, we’ll unravel the complexities surrounding natural and synthetic emeralds. Understanding the nuances can make a significant difference, especially when acquiring these exquisite gemstones.

Natural Emeralds: Imperfections as Indicators

In Step 1, we observe natural emeralds with eye-visible inclusions, such as crystals, fractures, and growth tubes. The rarity of eye-clean emeralds adds value, as inclusions are generally accepted. To verify authenticity, watch for tiny flaws and irregular patterns, particularly on the gemstone’s backside.

Example: Imagine a natural emerald with small, natural holes, or tiny deep lines—a telltale sign of its authenticity.

Hydrothermal Emeralds: Virtually Flawless, Easily Identified

Moving to Step 2, we encounter hydrothermal emeralds. These synthetic gems boast a flawless appearance, making them easily distinguishable from their natural counterparts.

Example: Picture hydrothermal emeralds with their pristine perfection, an immediate giveaway of their synthetic nature.

Flux-melt Emeralds: A Deeper Dive

Step 3 introduces flux-melt emeralds, a synthetic variant posing a greater challenge for identification. Look for irregular patterns and conduct a simple “Breath Test” for a preliminary assessment.

Example: Imagine examining an emerald, scrutinizing it for tiny flaws, or performing the “Breath Test” to gauge its authenticity.

The “Breath Test”: Authenticity with Simplicity

In Step 4, we explore the “Breath Test” as a quick and low-tech method. Authentic emeralds, efficient heat conductors, rapidly evaporate fog upon breathing.

Example: Envision a scenario where a breath test swiftly distinguishes a genuine emerald from a potential fake, validating its authenticity.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can synthetic emeralds perfectly mimic natural flaws?

While synthetic emeralds aim to replicate natural features, certain flaws or irregularities may still differ upon close inspection.

2. How reliable is the “Breath Test” for authenticity?

The “Breath Test” serves as a quick initial check. However, for absolute certainty, professional examination is recommended.

3. Are there other advanced methods for identifying synthetic emeralds?

Gem laboratories use advanced techniques like spectroscopy and microscopy for precise identification, ensuring accuracy.

4. Can natural emeralds be enhanced for clarity?

Yes, natural emeralds can undergo treatments like oiling to enhance clarity. Synthetic emeralds, however, don’t show clarity changes with such treatments.

5. Are there reputable sources to buy authentic emeralds?

Established jewelers and certified gemstone dealers are trustworthy sources. Always inquire about certification to ensure authenticity.


As you navigate the world of Emerald Gemstones, armed with knowledge, the distinction between natural and synthetic becomes clearer. Whether examining flaws, performing simple tests, or seeking professional guidance, ensuring authenticity adds immeasurable value to these captivating gemstones.

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