How to detect fake Tiffany & Co. Jewelry | Tiffany & Co. Jewelry: How to Spot the Real Deal

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How to detect fake Tiffany & Co. Jewelry Step Aspect How to Verify 1 Overall Quality Check for alignment issues and misspelling. 2 Chain Links Ensure links are soldered; no visible breaks. 3 Stamping Verify centered stamping, not too close to the edge. 4 Silver Items Look for “925” or “Sterling” stamp; check alignment. 5 … Read more

How to detect fake Diamonds | How to tell if your diamond is real or fake

fake diamonds

How to detect fake Diamonds Step Test Type Authentic Diamonds Synthetic Diamonds 1 Visual Inspection Real diamonds have inclusions (flaws) visible under magnification. Look for scratches as real diamonds acquire them over time.  Synthetic diamonds may lack inclusions, and visible scars are a red flag. 2 Inclusion Examples Examples showcasing real diamond inclusions.  Synthetic diamonds … Read more