Executive Producer of "X-Men '97" on Reviving the '90s Animated Hit forDisney+

X-Men ’97 continues the original animated series, picking up right after its conclusion, rather than being a reboot or a remake.

The series explores characters grappling with fulfilling Professor Xavier’s dream of coexistence following his death, with different perspectives among the team members.

2024 was chosen as the right time to revive the X-Men due to the success of Marvel's animated series and the enduring influence of the original X-Men: The Animated Series.

The decision to maintain the nineties aesthetic was deliberate, offering a nostalgic yet fresh feel by telling superhero stories in a pre-Internet, pre-cellphone era.

Bringing back the original cast and creators, including Eric Lewald and Larry Houston, was crucial to capture the essence of the original show and maintain authenticity.

Technological advancements posed a challenge, requiring the new team to create their own rulebook based on the limitations of the original hand-drawn animation.

Despite staying true to the nineties aesthetic, some rules were broken to enhance storytelling, fulfilling ambitions that were constrained by technology in the original series.

Marvel storytelling tradition involves building upon the contributions of past creators, with X-Men ’97 continuing this legacy under a new team.

The narrative of X-Men ’97 reflects the theme of upholding legacy, mirroring the efforts of the creators to carry forward the torch of the original series.

Fans can anticipate delving into the dramatic depths of the X-Men universe and experiencing impactful storytelling, both for longtime enthusiasts and new audiences alike.